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ImageOne sister + three brothers + two parents + me = game night every night.

Growing up in a household of game lovers was a blast. There was always someone to play with, and we had everything going from board games to card games to ping pong and shooting pool in the basement.

Mom and Dad loved to play games. I have warm, fuzzy memories of my dad laughing like Muttley the dog as we played games around the kitchen table. My brothers thought they were comedians, so there was no expectation of calm or lack of nonsense when we played. In our house, we rushed to finish homework – not to watch television – but to play games.

One of the best parts of Christmas Day was playing the new games. Mom always ordered a few from Christmas catalogs. Thanks to eBay, I was able to buy many of…

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For boys AND girls!

SO, in my “real” job as a Teacher Librarian, I opened a box of books that I was being asked to purchase, and these two fell out…


Something about them seemed familiar… AND THEN I REMEMBERED! I’m in both of these!

My short story for boys:
Runaway Robots is about Cog and Crank who work in the stinkiest, smelliest, dirtiest factory in the dirtiest, stinkiest, smelliest town in the world – The Fatrat Factory! One day they decide to leave, but the robot watch dogs have other ideas! Will they escape? Where will they go? What will they do?

My short story for girls:
Monkey Man is told from Chloe’s perspective – she thinks her dad is a big, disgusting gorilla! I mean, he never showers, scratches himself, eats lots of bananas, and only ever says “Ugh!” And what’s Chloe going to do? tomorrow is the Dad and Daughter Picnic – she can’t take a monkey, all the other children will get scared!

Both of these were worked on over a period of YEARS! That’s right – years – and I am so proud of them. So glad they finally got published and beautifully illustrated. ENJOY!


Stories for Boys:
(Authors include Tristan Bancks, Bill Condon, Sophie Masson, Martin
Chatterton, Deborah Kelly, David Harding, Aleesah Darlison, George Ivanoff,
Janeen Brian, Nick Falk, Celeste Walters and Grace Atwood.

Stories for Girls:
(Authors include Jacqueline Harvey, Janeen Brian, Jess Black, Claire Saxby,
David Harding, Di Bates, George Ivanoff, Grace Atwood, Deborah Kelly, Tania Cox,
Martin Chatterton and Maisie Duborsarsky.

Tea, anyone?

I have some exciting news – and it has nothing to do with books!


I have designed a new card game that will be launching on Kickstarter soon! It’s called “Elevenses” and is a tea party-themed game with very elegant artwork and some creative mechanics.

More details to come, but in the meantime you can connect to the game socially and see some sneak peeks, by…

“Liking” the game on Facebook:…

Following us on Twitter…
@AdventurelandG (Publisher)
@MeetDavidH (Designer – me)
@TJLubrano (Artist)

And, of course, stay tuned to the Elevenses page on BoardGameGeek: I have already posted here about how the game came to be.

Today, the artist TJ also posted on her blog about the game:

Woof! That’s enough links for now, but watch this space! We can’t wait for you to taste this scrumptious card game!

Good news!

Hi all…

So I’ve just received word that I’ll be writing for a brand new series that will helpfully be out in a year’s time. I can’t spill the beans yet, but I must say that this will be a spectacular series – and I’m not biased at all!


In celebration of this and following on from my last post, I’d like to present you with a challenge! Can you use the following as inspiration for a story/poem/script/painting/drawing/illustration/anything…?
You can simply use it as the start of the story, or, it may take your mind to a whole different launching pad.

When I first heard the news I was stunned. Motionless. Frozen. I stood like a statue made of stone for what seeemed like hours. It was not what I had expected at all…

I’d love it if you could email me your work or leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll post a gallery of what we have achieved and created soon!

Being inspirational

People often ask me, ‘Where do you get all the ideas for your books?’ Actually, no one has ever asked me that but it isn’t going to stop me answering the question!

The answer (which you may have heard before) is: ideas are everywhere. You just have to open your eyes. When people throw away the line ‘write what you know’ this is part of what they mean. Good writing comes from a place inside you or a place you’ve been to, from a person you like or a person you can’t stand, from something you saw or something you heard. (cc)

This month, The School Magazine will be printing another one of my poems. The inspiration? The school I work at has an annual cross-country carnival. I wrote about it. Too easy! I figured it was something kids would like to read about as many would have taken part in a similar activity (and probably hated it.)

It begins…

My feet and heartbeat sound together.
It feels like this will take forever…

I wanted to capture the feeling of running long distance, especially for someone who doesn’t want to be doing it in the first place. It is boring, monotone, terrible.

Of course, I had to end positively, and this poem tries to praise the completion of such a struggle over coming first. Every kid who finishes a race should be proud they made it!

I laugh out loud, I made it home,
I stop and calm my beating tone,
Surprised I beat the great unknown.

So, next time you need inspiration for a great new story, poem, or whatever, make sure you open your eyes to what you see in the everyday. Your creativity can take the commonplace to the stratosphere but I think readers feel comfortable when the ‘feet’ of what they are reading are planted on the ground.

Take a notebook around and jot down ideas as they come, take photos of funny things you see, even take sound or video recordings of that golden moment before it becomes a forgotten memory!

Here’s my idea… Next post I will give you something inspirational to write about. It could be a photo, a quote, anything. Then, either you all can write a piece for us all to share in OR we could use it to write something together as a blogging community…somehow…any thoughts? Let me know!

Love, David

Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter 5 & 6 ARE HERE!


Here they are! Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter books 5 & 6 in all their glory! I snapped this photo at my FNMMBS (Friendly Neighbourhood Mega Mall Book Shop) yesterday and I am excited!
I am really, very proud of all of my stories but something about these two really make me smile a little bit. Seeing them in print with their terrific covers was a thrill.

The one on the left is book 5: Call of the Wild. This was to be a book that explored the possible sounds and calls that dinosaurs may have made (perhaps). There is a lot of guess work in the science surrounding this (though we are quite sure they couldn’t roar) and Australia’s Muttaburrasaurus was chosen to be the star of the book.
I gave myself the extra challenge of wanting to set the entire story at night time (for fun and to help it to stand out from the others in the set) and though this at first seemed to be a mistake, it gave way to a clever story. (I’m not biased at all!) How could I make calling and night time integral? By making a juvenile Muttaburrasaurus lost in the dark of course!
Love the illustrations in this one, and Robert’s sketch of the Muttaburrasaurus is really good!

Makes-me-smile-moment: Robert and Riley knickname the Muttaburrasaurus they meet ‘Barry.’

The book on the right is book 6: Dinosaur Champions. For this story I had to introduce the fastest and largest dinosaurs to our readers. But it was insanely tricky to come up with a story that had Robert travelling to three different settings and time periods in one book and do it seamlessly. I hope I pulled it off.
I have always loved that these books are rooted in science and don’t dumb it all down for kids, and I found researching these creatures so much fun! It was also a great story to introduce a lot of personal touches. As a runner I had a lot to draw from as I pitted Robert in training for an athletics meet. As he visits each of the dinosaurs he actually learns something to help him to run faster and stronger.
This book also features a new friend for Robert named Lauren. I named her after someone I know which is what I always do when deciding on names for my stories. It makes the characters I invent feel real to me, somehow, even if this Lauren is nothing like the ‘real’ one!

Makes-me-smile-moment: The Argentinosaurus the boys meet is SO big, Riley dares Robert to do cart wheels under its tummy.

Find these books at your local book shop or online. They are also available as an eBook for all major devices.

If you have read them, let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you!

The dinosaurs have been hunted!

Last Friday I submitted my final edit for my final (as far as I know) Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter novel. Book 7 was the most challenging for me to complete – which was funny as I expected it to get easier as I went along! No spoiler alerts yet, but I think the reason for this was because each book needed a lot of research on the dinosaurs that I wanted to include. How to make the dinos in this book thread into a story line was trickier than I anticipated. I pulled the house down and started again many times!

Anyway, thank you RIDH! It has been a fantastic ride – one I will never forget. I am flattered to have been a part of a series that I believe is truly terrific!

Below are a sneak peek at books 5 & 6 out in the first week of June! WOW these cover illustrations have really made the story from inside of my head live and breathe! Stay tuned for more details as the release date nears!

Dino Hunter 5&69781742750941   Can you predict what these stories will be about?

For more info, visit: